In a matter of weeks, from individually preferred social media topics, social media contents have shifted its center to the Covid-19 pandemic conversation.

Suddenly, maintaining the day-to-day order of everything while battling a pandemic has permeated every aspect of life. The same with how businesses need to communicate, below are some points to consider in connecting with customers and stakeholders in this new normal.

Every Crisis Presents an Opportunity

The Covid-19 pandemic, also known as coronavirus, is a huge opportunity for businesses to show their humanity. Now is a ripe moment to let people know your core values.

While this is tricky to navigate, it is essential to be honest with what you are communicating to the public. This is never a time for marketing your business or for capitalizing on what is happening. No matter how you conceal your phony concerns, it will be exposed. If that happens, you will never be forgotten as the company who malevolently use the pandemic to earn more money. 

One of the best things to share are your company’s efforts on how you guarantee the safety and income of your employees. Before sharing your efforts in donating resources in combating the virus, it is best to ensure that your own backyard is well taken care of first.

It is also better to share more details about your business than you usually do. It is best to share every change in operations to your customers. They need to know everything about your business that will directly or indirectly affect them like operating hours and inventory status.

This way, you give your customers enough heads up to adapt to the changes that they might experience because of the changes that your company have to make.

Verifying Information is our Utmost Responsibility

In a pandemic, where situations can easily escalate in just a matter of hours or days, sharing verified information is a responsibility. It is always harder to chase correcting a misleading information than verifying it first before sharing.

Before sharing any information or news, search for three or more official sources of the same information. Reliable sources are established and credible media outlets and international organizations.  Examples are the United Nations and World Health Organization.

You Can Help but Let it Flow

Now is the time to really pause and review your communications plan for the second quarter of the year. It is highly possible that you must adjust the social media campaigns that you have lined up for the succeeding months. 

With lives and health at stake every day, everyone can help in winning against the Covid-19 pandemic. But not all businesses belong at the center of the conversation. Know your brand more. Do not force your brand to participate in the conversation.

For example, we at Kairos may not contribute anything essential to the discussion of health-related issues and how to really fight this virus in the medical point of view. But as a web development company, we can help businesses and people in maximizing the internet and technology to cope with the new normal.

In the next weeks, we will help people and businesses in navigating the world of remote work. We are used to technologies essential in this working set-up. Also, we have been working remotely since the beginning of our company.

This is where we can be of great help. And we are glad to share every web and tech-related information and practice that can make the lives of people easier in these trying times.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming articles about remote work and e-Commerce.