Hello Lolos, Lolas, Titos, Titas, Nanays, and Tatays!

Thank you for an overwhelming response to our seminar invitation. We appreciate your enthusiasm in learning something new. With this, we are looking forward to our fruitful discussion on the benefits and safeguards of using the internet. As a way of giving back to our community, clients, and supporters, this seminar as we have said, is free and lunch will be served.

To make the experience more enriching and convenient for both of us, please bring the following:

  1. Government ID with birthday
  2. Own laptop, tablet or smart phone
  3. Notebook and pen

Also, as we’ve said in our invitation, seminars are for 40 years of age and above only. Chaperons are not allowed inside the training room because we only have limited space and seats for the seminar. We hope that you understand this.

An invitation and confirmation that we have reserved you a slot will be sent via email and text. Please check your FB messenger and cellphone.

  1. Adoracion Guevarra
  2. Alma B. Raneses
  3. Alma Cantonjos Pagaran
  4. Amelita francisco palomo
  5. Arsenio Jao
  6. Aurora Canezal Balatucan
  7. brigitte mahor
  8. Certeza Boncocan Nacabuan
  9. Doroteo L. Carpio II
  10. Editha Cabello
  11. Elizabeth Sumayod
  12. erlinda chan penafuerte
  13. Erlinda D.Quines
  14. Estrilla Sarigumba
  15. Evelyn Brabante Basas
  16. Evelyn Comia
  17. Evelyn Q. Carpio
  18. Fely c. De leon
  19. Gemelo Sarigumba
  20. Herminia Ballesteros
  21. Jerry Soriano
  22. Jesus Noveno Jr
  23. Juan A. Ordoño Jr.
  24. lida villfañe guico
  25. Lorna Geronimo Maling
  26. Lucila M. Mercado
  27. Luz C. Firmalino
  28. Ma. Josephine yano
  29. Maria Cristeta A. Montalbo
  30. Marian Llana
  31. Marissa Franciso Dellosa
  32. Mila Jao
  33. Myra Gavino
  34. nhitz baguino
  35. Oscar G. Esposo
  36. Ramon M. Cabello
  37. Raquel Magbiro
  38. Reynaldo Colitoy
  39. Sofia Jimeno
  40. Yvette Castillo

See you on February 24, from 10am to 2pm at the University of Philippines National Engineering Center, Seminar Room B, for the seminar Internet Usage for Retirees and Seniors.


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