All you need is a good start in creating a website

Last March 4, we conducted our first free seminar about web development. Our goal was to give our attendees a strong understanding of web development. This is the first in a series of free I.T. seminars that we will be doing this year.

The participants learned about the different aspects in Web Development such as web design, web content planning, client-side and server-side scripting, and network security configuration.

We have also discussed in detail the seven phases to follow in developing a website, the important questions to answer in each phase to guide them in planning, designing, coding and testing their websites.

Our audience learned one invaluable truth in working with web graphics designers.

“They can make a web developer’s life a living hell. Do not piss them off! Work with them.”

In the early 2000s there’s just 1 type of web developer, but now websites have evolved into more complex yet more user-friendly systems. We just don’t code and design, we take into account the user’s experience in browsing the website, and that makes it more exciting!

A junior-web developer can choose to be a front-end expert, a back-end scripting guru or a combination of both – a full-stack web developer. They also became aware of the tools they can use in coding or designing their websites such as Sublime Text, Git, Angular.js, Sass etc.

Other bonus topics that were discussed were digital marketing, how to become a great web developer and where to get support in this field. Our participants were able to download their certificates online after the seminar. Cool beans!

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